Ethans Racing Game

An image of my racing game, with cars moving towards the camera

-Single Player (AI Opponents)

-Multi Player (Online Servers)

Ethans Tank Game

An image of my tank game, with the tanks fireing their weapons at each other

-Multi Player (Online Servers)

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Development Information

Ethan's Racing Game Started in 2018.

Ethan's Tank Game Started in 2020.

Ethan's Train Game Started in 2023.

Developed using the Unity Engine.

The main language used is C#.

The websites use HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

With the game and website backends using PHP and MariaDB (A fork of MySQL).

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Released Platforms

Click the buttons to go to the release website

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Currently Under Development

Ethans Train Game

An image of my train game, with the train passing the camera while traveling through a valley

-Prototype Demo Now Available

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Links To My Profiles On Other Websites

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